NTUC NTUC- National Trades Union Congress. NTUC was founded 6 September 1961. Currently NTUC has 900,000 NTUC members. Current president Mary Liew. While NTUC is said to be non political its Secretary General is Ng Chee Meng- a Minister and PAP member The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), also known as the Singapore National Trades […]

Why Ah Meng needed Safety Training

Why Ah Meng needed safety training In case you don’t know who Meng or Ah Meng was- Ah Meng was a fat hairy sweaty….. orang utan. Ah Meng or Meng was a fat old Sumatran orangutan. Meng was born 18 June 1960 and Meng died on 8 Feb 2008. Meng was a icon for Singapore […]

Simply Safety Training Center SSTC?

Simply Safety Training Center SSTC Some of our students have written in to Simply Safety and have been confused by others telling them that Simply Safety short name is SSTC or Simply Safety Training Center. Simply Safety refutes this and wants to correct peoples perceptions. Simply Safety Pte Ltd has never been called by any […]

Free Safety Training

Free Safety Training We believe that people need to start somewhere. There are many safety personnel in the world and many others that want to start their safety career. Yet there are many safety training centers in the world that only seem to care about the sales and revenue. Yes sales and revenue are important […]

Oil and Gas Training

Oil and Gas Training At our company we offer the Oil and Gas training courses. Our Oil and Gas training courses can be bespoke as well as custom. The oil and gas courses can be face to face or online delivery. Our oil and gas courses offer you tailored, practical training for a range of […]

SkillsFuture or SkillsFuture Singapore

Skillsfuture   WHAT IS SKILLSFUTURE? SkillsFuture or SkillsFuture Singapore is a Singapore movement to provide Singaporeans to develop their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points. Through SkillsFuture or SkillsFuture Singapore, the skills, passion and contributions of every individual will drive Singapore’s next phase of development towards an advanced economy and inclusive society. […]

Client FPSO Position Available

A Client requires the following PTW Coordinator in Abidjan, Offshore position   KEY Role Prepares and participates in Permit to Work (PTW) coordination meetings. Ensures no conflict of interest between work tasks requests via SIMOPS. Checks that work permits are filled out clearly and precisely in readiness for the PTW meeting. Constantly monitors the volume […]

Last minute studying for NEBOSH IGC? Dont worry

If youre studying for NEBOSH IGC- then you need the revision guide   The Simply Safety NEBOSH Revision guide is a fantastic tool.  How you can compress 500+ pages into only 80 pages of key points. Students who want to pass and dont have the time or money should get this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.logicerpsolutions.simplysafety    

Do good and learn something new

Instead of paying for courses, why not learn and visit the Salvation Army at the same time Effective Social Media Marketing for SMEs & Corporations This workshop is targeted at SMEs and Corporations who want to effectively utilize social media marketing to generate tremendous online exposure for your brand, allowing you to showcase your products […]

Where are you going?

I love my country.I hate the politics.I despise the spin doctoring. I’m glad that through the hard work and struggles, I am able to give to my kids a home and hope. But I worry for them and the next generation. I worry that there is too much competition. That they dont know where to go […]