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Focus on your core business not administration. Our system simplifies Competency & Skills Management and is utilized by leading companies like Shell for their numerous sites, contractors and over 25,000 personnel. From Competency Skills Design, Competency Skills Mapping, Resource Tracking, Certification and Skills Training, Dynamic Reporting to Competency Skills Planner and even contractor subcontractor management.


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Locating hard copy documents can be extremely time consuming. Track completed courses and the results of the individual instantly. 


 Components of TheCOLONY

Competency Skills Designer

The Competency Skills Designer, is used to design and create the blueprint and framework of your Competency Skills landscape for each and every job. Creating a robust and scale-able competency skills frameworks aligned to your organisations needs is the essential piece for sustainable development and succession. The Competency Skills Designer is easy-to-use tool for both professionals as well as beginners.

Competency Skills Mapper

Competency Skills Mapper helps you map job roles and competency or skills for your organization needs to achieve its goals. This helps to align the competencies and skills of individuals with the strategy and context of the organization. You can then use this to appraise your employees through continuous assessment and set goals for individuals

Through the use of the Reports you can conduct an “inventory” (of your people and their skill sets) and analysis throughout the entire process of your business and you can get a  clear and structured view of the organization’s overall competence.

Resource Tracker

A manager may require a certain type of worker or skilled personnel. Instead of asking for HR department or even going through tons of certifications and paper work, Colony offers managers instant search functions and it will give you and your manager additional help in accomplishing and finalizing your projects.

Certification and Skills Tracker

With new technology gone are the days that you store hard copy files and only the HR department has copies. Colony tracks and manages the courses, licenses and certificates required to ensure the competence levels of your organisation and keep your employees up to industry standards. The Colony sends timely notifications to remind key personnel in advance that it is time for renewal. Find employees and get an instant overview of employees holding certifications that has expired, or get early warnings for those that are about to expire in the next 30, 60 or 180 days. Certification Tracker can be extended to handle HSE, qualifications and mandatory training’s for every employee in the your company. Using Colony lets your company always be on top of things.

Dynamic Reporting

Colony provides standard reports with selection criteria providing users with reporting options. Dashboard views deliver real-time metrics

Competency Skills Planner

Colony allows users to create their calendar for individuals and managers to know when to send people for training or retraining


Colony can be used?

Be it Oil & Gas, Construction, Marine or any other industry, TheColony will fit your company and industry.

Companies with single work site (one office with a number of people). Companies with multiple work sites (multiple work locations and project requirements)

Companies with single work site and multiple vendors/contractors/subcontractors working for them. Companies with multiple work sites and multiple vendors/contractors/subcontractors working for them


Data Securitysolution3

Our system can be accessed on different user access levels. Competency & Skills training records and updated work certificates can be viewed by user accounts, but customized access gives permission to different projects and work units to perform certain actions within the platform, keeping your information confidential.



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